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In this video series you will see David Dagley training Dagley’s Reata, a registered Hangin Tree Cowdog!

Starting a Cow Dog on Stock

At five months old, Reata already knows some commands. Now watch as we start training her on goats.

Before You Start a Cow Dog on Stock

What we train a cow dog to know before we start teaching them commands on stock.

Introducing a Cow Dog to Stock

An example of letting a cow dog learn about stock in a positive, fun environment.

Reata is five months old here.

Training a Cow Dog on Cattle

At 13 months, Reata has been on cattle about 5 times.

We are training her that it’s exciting to find cattle and group them. Also, to stay on her side of the cattle, opposite from handler.

Registering a Hangin Tree Cowdog

The Hangin Tree Cowdog breed is different from all others I know when it comes to registration requirements.

Learn about how we registered Reata here!

Teaching a Cowdog to Gather a Pasture

This video of Reata is an example of David teaching a cow dog to gather cattle in a bigger pasture.

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