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Introducing Dagley’s Colt!

Introducing Dagley’s Colt!

Dagley’s Colt is now a permanent registered, Hangin Tree Cowdog!
Check out this video, put together during Colt’s first 20 days on cattle, showing clips from several of Colt’s training sessions. Colt was older when we got him, but is learning fast and…

Meet Dagley’s Flash

Meet Dagley’s Flash

Flash is currently the youngest Permanent registered Hangin Tree Cowdog we have in our kennels. At 9 months…

Dagley’s Tango is Permanent Registered!

Dagley’s Tango is Permanent Registered!

Watch videos of Dagley’s Tango, one of our newest permanent registered, Hangin Tree Cowdogs! The Hangin Tree Cowdog Association is different from other registrations because…