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Damsels in Defense of the Castle – DVD


Damsels in Defense of the Castle is a short film starring child actors. Set in the medieval times, in this charming tale the men of the castle go off to war, leaving the ladies behind at the castle.

What they don’t know is that outlaws are waiting to attack!

The ladies and children are left to defend themselves against intruders!

What will happen?

This 20 minute long DVD is sure to provide family fun!


Damsels in Defense of the Castle is a short film starring several child actors, including three of mine!

This is the first movie that Hadassah, Clementine, and Ephraim got to act in!

In this charming medieval tale the Welsh men go off to fight the English, and leave the ladies and children at the castle.

But what they didn’t know, was that there was a spy in their midst.

Meanwhile, Colewyn (Hadassah Dagley), reports to a band of outlaws that the castle is unprotected. Soon, the outlaws are on their way to take the castle!

With only Queen Adeline (Charity Balyeat), her two sisters, and the kitchen servants to defend the castle, what will be the outcome?

As the cook, Maria (Gloria Meartens), says, “We’re Welsh! And Welsh never give up!”

Will that be enough to defend the castle?

Damsels in Defense of the Castle will be sure to provide fun for the entire family!

This 20 minute DVD was the first movie my little sister Charity Balyeat produced.

Check out Charity’s website to see some of the books she has written and get notified when she releases her newest movie: https://charitybalyeat.com/


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