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I bought some Kiko goats and brought them to South Dakota!

Have you ever wondered if there are any Kiko goats in South Dakota?

I know there are at least two! I bought Blake Iron (my registered Kiko buck), and Candice (my registered Kiko doe) in October of 2019 and brought them back home to the ranch in South Dakota.

Why did I go to all that work to bring in goats from a totally different state?

That is a good question. One that might be best answered with a story.

My Challenge

My goal is to raise goats with a size and frame big enough to satisfy the meat goat market, and yet make sure the does produce enough milk to nourish my family throughout the year.

Caring for them naturally is important to me because, not only do I want my goats to live a happy life out on pasture with sunshine and fresh prairie air, but I also want my family to have the best.

I believe that how I care for my animals affects what kind of milk and meat they provide. I don’t want to feed my family milk or meat from a goat that was pumped full of shots, given high doses of dewormer every month, and fed GMO grains in confinement their whole lives.

So, that creates a challenge. I need them to stay healthy and gain weight. But when they get over run with parasites they lose condition quickly. We rotational graze them over the summer, and that helps. But we have real winters here in South Dakota. That means they need to be bought into our goat shed for protection from weather. So, we needed something more.

Are Kiko Goats the Solution?

The Kiko goat breed was created in the 1980s New Zealand by Garrick and Anne Batten. They cross-bred local feral goats with imported dairy goat bucks of the Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg breeds.

Kiko goats are known for their hardiness, fast growth, parasite resistance, and for being able to survive with very little input from the producer.

I am hoping that introducing Kiko bloodlines into my herd will help me achieve my goals for healthy, natural goats.

So, are Kiko goats the solution?

Only time will tell. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to hear more about my Kiko goat experiment in the future. Plus you will learn about our Hangin Tree Cowdogs and our life on the ranch in South Dakota!

Also, visit click this link to visit our goat page where you can watch my nine year old son milk one of our does, and see photos of some of our goats.

Dagley Goats

Thanks for reading,

-Susanna Dagley

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