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Is DNA Testing Required for Hangin Tree Cowdogs?

DNA testing is important if you want to keep the Hangin Tree Cowdog breed pure.
Many people think that a Hangin Tree Cowdog is just a mix of cow dog breeds. But, that’s not true.
Gary Ericsson did develop the Hangin Tree Cowdog breed using:
  • Border Collie
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Catahoula
  • and Kelpie
He carefully selected the best dogs he could find, and used them for his breeding stock. And, the result is some amazing cow dogs!
But, cow dogs today are not Hangin Tree Cowdogs unless they trace back to Gary Ericsson’s dogs.
The Hangin Tree Cowdog Association requires that dogs be DNA tested before:
  • Getting appendix registration papers for any  offspring
  • Trying out for Supreme Qualification
  • Or competing in the Annual Hangin Tree Cowdog Futurity.
Want more info on getting your Hangin Tree Cowdog DNA tested? Then visit the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association’s official website:
We strongly support DNA testing Hangin Tree Cowdogs.
It is another way we keep the Hangin Tree Cowdog breed amazing!

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