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Dagley’s Reata is now a REGISTERED Hangin Tree Cowdog!

Getting your Hangin Tree Cowdog registered is not as simple as it is with other breeds. This is because of the requirements that keep the Hangin Tree Cowdog breed amazing.
One of these is that you must prove that your dog bites both the heads and heels of cattle before you can register him.
The purpose is to sort off any dogs that don’t have the courage it takes to be a cowdog, keeping the breed strong.
We recently videoed Reata heading and heeling cattle. Then we sent it to the Hangin Tree Cowdog Association Board.
We also filled out our registration request in our on-line association account. And we sent them Reata’s appendix papers.
They reviewed her video and information, and decided that she met their requirements. Then they updated her status on our on-line account to “Permanent Registered”. And they gave us her new papers showing her status.
Would you like to see videos of David training Reata, including the video that helped make Dagley’s Reata a registered Hangin Tree Cowdog? Be sure and sign up for Dagley Ranch News!

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