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Dagley Ranch Video Collections

Check out our Dagley Ranch video collections! We are always adding more, so check back often!

Dagley's Reata - Registered Hangin Tree Cowdog

Watch 12 videos of Dagley’s Reata!

Watch Reata working cow calf pairs, yearlings, and goats!

From her training as a puppy, to her working on the ranch, these videos showcase Dagley’s Reata, a registered Hangin Tree Cowdog being trained by David Dagley!


Dagley's Annie

View 25 videos of Dagley’s Annie in action!

These videos showcase Dagley’s Annie, a Supreme Qualified Hangin Tree Cowdog!

Watch Annie working bulls, cow calf pairs, yearlings, and goats! See her gather, trailer load, and drive cattle!

From  ranch work, to competing at the Hangin Tree Cowdog Futuritys, to  training sessions, get a glimpse of Annie’s versatility!

Dagley's Annie

From Puppy to Trained Cowdog


“So, when you are picking out a puppy, how do you know which puppy will make a good cowdog?” …  “Is chasing goats and sheep alright for a cowdog puppy?” “I want I good stock dog, but how do I tell which puppy to choose?”

People ask many questions about how to pick the right cowdog puppy. I thought it might be helpful to see before and after videos of our cowdog. See us introduce Annie to goats at 3 months old, then see what she looks like as a trained cowdog.

Training Annie’s Pups

See several different puppies out of Dagley’s Annie and Wilcox’s Slate!

Are you wondering if pups out of Annie and Slate go to stock? Or maybe want to get a glimpse of how David starts training his Hangin Tree Cowdog? Either way, this series is for you. We hope you will enjoy it!

Training Dagley’s Annie’s Part 1

Dagley’s Annie is a Supreme Qualified, Hangin Tree Cowdog out of 4JB Colt and Anni. This collection shows videos of her throughout her training as a pup.

Training Dagley’s Annie’s Part 2

Watch more videos of Dagley’s Annie when she was young! This collection shows Annie starting at eleven months old, and continuing until her Supreme Qualification run when she was 21 months old.

Training Dagley’s Reata

In this video series see David Dagley training Dagley’s Reata, a registered Hangin Tree Cowdog!

Hanging Tree Cowdogs For Sale

Looking for a Hangin Tree Cowdog? We have Hangin Tree Cowdogs for sale! See videos of cowdogs now!

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