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Meet Dagley’s Annie

Dagley’s Annie was our very first Hangin Tree Cowdog.

You can see videos of Annie here:

Dagley’s Annie Video Collection

My husband David bought Annie as a pup. Then, he trained her to communicate with voice commands like “Away to me!” and “Come by!”

Soon, Annie was a big help on the ranch. She was gathering cattle and bringing them to David before she was a year old.

Today, whenever my husband needs some cattle moved, or some escapees put back into their pasture, he takes Annie!

I think you will agree with me that Annie is an amazing ranch hand!

Annie Supreme Qualifies

Did you know that there are different levels of Hangin Tree Cowdogs?

In the Fall on 2018 Annie successfully completed her Supreme Qualifiying run in front of three judges. As a Supreme Qualified Hangin Tree Cowdog, Annie is now highly recommended for breeding.

If you would like to learn more about the process of getting a Cowdog Supreme Qualified, check out this article I wrote:

What is a Hangin Tree Cowdog

See Annie in action here!

Click on this video to see Annie at 3 months old, then short clips from throughout her life as a cowdog.

Click on the button below to see full length videos of Annie!

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David Dagley and his dog, Annie.

Annie, “bringing on” the yearlings.

(taking them to David)

Annie and Spur resting by a hay rake.

Dagley’s Annie, guarding a gate.

Annie and Spur

Our cowdogs like to come along for all kinds of ranch work.

Here Annie and Spur are posing on a seeder, while we get ready to plant sorghum grain.

Annie is a registered, Supreme Qualified, Hangin Tree Cowdog!

We have included a photo of her papers, for those who like studying bloodlines.


Annie and Spur swimming in a stock tank


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