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A Back-to-School Thought

boy feeding a bottle calf

​I think we all agree that reading, writing, and arithmetic should be an essential part of every child’s schooling. But we also need to remember that childhood is when they are developing their characters.

Will they learn to persevere, or give up easy. Will they be responsible and take care of those around them, or just do what’s fun and expect others to take care of them. Are they learning to control their temper and work out disagreements, or just how to manipulate others to get their own way.

Our job as mothers isn’t just to feed and clothe our children, or even teach them to read and write. We need to be intentional in how we train our children, because the character they have by the time they reach their teens is what they will default to the rest of their lives.

With God’s help, we can break the bad habits we have as adults and learn to be more like Him. But it is way easier to learn good character when you are young.

I often stop and reevaluate my day and ask myself, “what character traits was I teaching my children today.”
And, to be clear here, I’m not talking about getting our child ANOTHER school book to add to their already impossible agenda.
I am talking about planning our every day activities to enforce the character traits I want my kids to learn.
I’ve found giving children daily chores that they are responsible for is a great way to help teach good character.
However, we must also set a good example. Children learn by doing, and observing. No matter what we TELL them, if they don’t SEE us practicing what we preach, they aren’t going to listen.
I’ve included a picture of my son, Ephraim, feeding a bottle calf. All my kids have had their turn feeding bottle calves.
What is something you do to help teach your children good character traits?
Thanks for letting me ramble,
-Susanna Dagley



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